Prince of Wallachia

Prince of Wallachia

Prince of Wallachia (1431–1476/77)
Vlad the Impaler ” Dracula ”
Technique – Oil -Special paper for oil tehnique mounted on cardboard 40 x 30 cm (Knife)
Creation year- 2016 – Bucharest
Author – Stoian Andrei Stefan
The impaler smilie!
Sadistic satisfaction face when win the battle with Othoman Imperium ,Cannot existing in history one paiting or photo in archive with this vision.

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Stoian Andrei Stefan

I was born in the Romanian capital ( Bucharest),a year before the 1989 revolution, in data de 28 August 1988. I am passionate of artpainting , sculpture and science (inventions) from when i was a kid 8-9 years i mean... For many years I tried to get involved heavily in one of the three passions what was started since childhood, But unfortunately I had a childhood realy cold, wild and out support from family... At 18 I decide to leave the country hoping to find support , first time was choose Italy. after 6 months i'm back in Romania. Over few years will go again to other country ,Hungary, after Germany ,but I can not manage the language there ... i'm back again in Romania... In year 2014 i get one offert for work in England Norich at one friend, apparently everything is ok ,after a while my grandmother gets sick, Up in hospital, diabetic coma and other Serious problems. I'm left all in England and i'm back again in Romania...becouse my grandmother was for me like one natural mother ...and i dont leave she for anithing...for that was decide to back in Romania when was all oke in England... Now she it is stable and i can leave the country but can not afford the financial I have invitations in great art galleries of Europe , in France-Paris ,Germany -Frankfurt and Berlin , Italy -Milan and Rome , England -London and Norwich... But for the moment i do not have enough money to honored with presence for one exhibition in one or few from all thats invites For the momen i try to honored the invitations in palace, museum ,grand hotels and other good locations where i have invite this year in my own country... I hope that by the end of the year , to go again in other country to do the first exhibition live and in out of my country , in one of the locations where we got invitation This year I attended a talk "show" about culture ,art sculpture about Constantin Brancusi and about by artpainting Abstract expresionism and more. My next exhibition can follow in Palace Bratianu -Romania (Bucharest) We have several works proposed for national heritage (patrimonium) Im Member : Union national of contemporany great artist from Romania. Saatchi art and museum, Fine art America, Elite Art World and other virtual ( Gallery). And i hope in next year or few years to go at Sotheby London Action house and other actions houses and good gallery from the Europe and not just.... For the moment i have almost 300 paintings done and i start and sculpture art, I have one manager what want to do one documentary soon on wikipedia about me and ArtIndex from my country...and more. So I tried to publish some details about me to knows me Almost all artworks are available to sale ,except of artworkswhat is in private collections or what was sold... If you have a real or virtual exhibition proposal, an invitation or want to buy something, contact me please. Not all prices are fixed, many of them are negotiable

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