Dangal movie

Pencil drawing of dangal movie my favourite movie


WAHEEDA REHMAN Great Actress of Indian Cinema Medium : Black Ballpoint pen Size : 14 Inch X 16 inch Artist : Satya Prakash India m.facebook. com/ satyaprakashart


Paper-A5 Pencils- 2b,4b,6b,8b, Mechanical pencils – 0.7 & 0.9 , paper stumps and kneadable eraser It takes over 100 hours

Deepika padukone

pencil sketch of Deepika padukone

Sonalee kulkarni

Color pencil sketch of Sonalee kulkarni

Tejaswini pandit

Color pencil sketch of Tejaswini pandit

Nana patekar

Color pencil sketch of Nana patekar

Aarya ambekar

color pencil sketch of Aarya Ambekar

Johnny Depp

Pencil of paper~The greatest actor “Johnny Depp”. I really enjoyed while doing this, It’s one of my favorite work! Hope you like it! Materials used- – Pencil & Charcoal with