Kangkan Das

“Everything is an art and art is everywhere.” If you ever paid attention, then you would realize that artists mostly don’t lead boring lives. They are known for being wild, narcissistic, moody and intemperate creatures. Their lives are pretty much the craziest reality show you could imagine And that was what exactly fascinated me the most. Born amidst the natural and cultural glory of a small town Tinsukia in Assam on 14th august 1988, in a poverty-stricken family, I had always been curious about paintings since my childhood. With no money to spare on art classes, my very first inspirations had been my mother who helped me with my primary school paintings and my uncle Arup Das who was a non-professional calligrapher. Gradually, I had developed a keen interest in paintings and started observing things myself. It became my subject of education. As I moved towards the end of my secondary education, with the growing ages, my inspiration too grew older. I realized extremely soon that for everything you want, a Value is to be paid. With a monetary value of Rs 60, I managed to attend two months basics of art from Rupa Paul during the persuasion of my secondary education. But when I ran short of money, I had to grab everything on my own. And that was when I had my first love encounters with colours and brushes. In the phase of learning, I fell in true and devoted love with water colour which evoked a special feeling inside me. It served as a link between my mind and the paper. I tore papers out of frustration and there were piles of paper always lying beside me whenever I could not imprint what I wanted to. I felt like every time it warned me “I am not so plain-sailing and dissipative. You need to work and earn me”. Tired, frustrated, devoted, passionate, fond; I am not still a perfectionist, but my devotion will always remain true and I deeply wish that my works glorify people’s mind. It is my conviction that "Water colour is a Mystery" , As I proceed to solve it, the more it tangles and twists And the Saga Of Mystery Continues…..

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