This one is done directly with pigment pens on a A2 size paper and, it turned out to be difficult for me as it was my first time working on a bigger artpiece and i had not used any compass or any assist in drawing the artwork and was completely free hand. it took me around 5 and half hours to finish this piece. I was glad that i had my patience within, specially at the end because i got bored as it had so much of detailing in it.
date: 11th June 2016

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Arjun Rao

Hello, My Name is Arjun Rao and I'm from Bangalore, India. I'm a 21 year old Amateur Pencil Artist, Officially a Graphite Pencil Artist, fully self taught. I make surreal life like detailed pencil sketches, a Free Hand Drawer! I mostly work on inspirational nature of animals and wild, and the nature of an object in the world and how people relate to it. I also Paint and do other motif's too.I'm above all Drawer, I love to draw and Inspire people by my Art. I'm passionate about any artistic discipline and love every field in the Art's World. i like doing realistic and hyper realistic drawings and contemporary fine arts.

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