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Who doesn’t loves the Rainbow – Gods unmatched creation of the nature! That’s why, we named this contest as “The Rainbow”.
Friends. With this initiative, we aim to uncover such unmatched creations, which are a fruit of the unmatched efforts of our unmatched artists.
Presenting the entries to “The Rainbow” by our artists, with love, for you. So, explore, like, share, comment, review and enjoy!
The incomplete

Beauty of incompleteness..acrylic on canvas A3.

Joyful Mind-Abstract Art

Colorful artwork showcasing a beautiful and joyful mind.It depicts peace and prosperity..Acrylic colors has been used in canvas which will be delivered in rolled form alongwith certificate..The concept used behind

Devon Ke Dev-Neelkanth Mahadev

Shiva is one of the principal deities of Hinduism. He is the Supreme Being within Shaivism, one of the major traditions within contemporary Hinduism.Shiva is the “destroyer and transformer” within

Ready for Cocktail Party

This painting depicts a lady at a cocktail party..A modern art painting with vibrant colors..Excellent for office or dining room..

Varanasi Ghat-Banarasiya

Benaras is older than history,older than tradition,older even than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together. Ganges in Varanasi is believed to have the power


Acrylic on Canvas

The light of Asia

Acrylic on Canvas

Super Moon

Acrylic on Canvas.

Abraham Lincoln

Pencil sketch on paper

Girl with teddy

It’s digital painting , 🙂

Modern Beauty

Oil Painting on Canvas 12 * 12 inches Conceptualizing Modern Indian women, who tries to balance between the ancient rituals followed & competing world.

Prince of India

Oil Painting on Canvas 26 * 17 inches

Lady of knowledge

Acrylics on canvas

Dragon and the lady

Acrylic artwork with just 3 shades

Deepika padukone

pencil sketch of Deepika padukone

Sonalee kulkarni

Color pencil sketch of Sonalee kulkarni

old gate

watercolour on paper


watercolor on paper

Tejaswini pandit

Color pencil sketch of Tejaswini pandit


watercolor on paper

Nana patekar

Color pencil sketch of Nana patekar

Dhow, Qatar

Acrylic on canvas

Bedouin, Qatar

drypastel on handmade paper

Aarya ambekar

color pencil sketch of Aarya Ambekar


acrylic on canvas

Rangoon-The Colour Blast

The painting depicts the colourful emotion of an independent lady.

Johnny Depp

Pencil of paper~The greatest actor “Johnny Depp”. I really enjoyed while doing this, It’s one of my favorite work! Hope you like it! Materials used- – Pencil & Charcoal with

Old womam

This is an old woman portrait sketch by pencil colour on a3 sheet . Tried to make it hyper realistic

Vidyut Jamwal

Vidyut Jamwal – King of action


Palette knife painting


Colour pencil art


Colour pencil work on A3 size cartridge paper

Salim Ali

Salim Ali is also called as bird man of India


colour pencil drawing


colour pencil drawing


colour pencil drawing

Cute rabbit!!

This is a pencil sketch of a rabbit on a3 sheet The rabbit lokes very cute and innocent:-).

Happiness in nature of flower

Oil painting.. Beautiful nature 20″x30″…


Oil on canvas, 20″x30″..mother son with beautiful coloring ..

The field

Medium : Watercolour Surface : Paper Size : 17″ X 12″

Mother with child

New work… Water color on sheet.. 18″x24″..mothers with child..

Colors of women

My painting.. On on canvas, 20″x30″ colors of women..

Deep Feeling in music

My new work.. Oil on canvas 20″x,30″ ..deep feeling in music..

three sparrows…

Medium : Watercolour Surface : Paper Size : 30″X 22″

with his elder sister…

Medium : Watercolour Surface : Paper Size : 17″X 12″

Dhaki… The Drum Player

Medium : Watercolour Surface : Paper Size : 30″ X 22″

The Autumn in India…

Medium : Watercolour Surface : Paper Size : 30″ X 22″

Maa Durga

Hindu Goddess Durga drawn with black micron pens – zentangle/mandala/henna patterns inspired.

Kathakali dancer

Zentangle/ Mandala inspired art of Kathakali dancer.

Goddess Saraswathi

Kalamkari art inspired Saraswathi Devi . Pen art with acrylic background.

Krishna on Peacock feather

Zentangle / Mandala inspired peacock feather with Krishna silhouette,

The kissing galaxies

a view from the forest towards the night sky just after the sunset…. looks like two galaxies are kissin’

Theyyam – The Worship

Theyyam, a popular ritual form of worship of North Malabar in Kerala, India.

The Veil

The Veil




Radha and Krishna


Mandala on wolf

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli Portrait

Butterfly Mandala

Butterfly mandala drawn using pencil colours and black pen

Blue Feather Doodle

Blue feather doodle

Leaf Mandala

Leaf mandala drawn using black pen

Sea Turtle

Blue sea turtle

Still life

Soft pastel and Charcoal work on Cartridge sheet.

Searching for Lost


Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp, A4, graphite

Statue Of Liberty

Statue Of Liberty, A4, graphite


Baby, coloured pencils


watercolor……blessed to be together


Venice, A4, acryl


Bogi the cat, A4 coloured pencils

Girl with jeans

Ballpoint pen drawing

I saw this

Wat I saw in Aero


Pencil drawing of a village of South India.

Pen picture

Using ball pen


Water color painting

Old woman

Pencil sketch

Child sketch

Pencil sketch




charcoal and graphite drawing

Emma Watson

Emma Watson Actress Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson is a British actress, model, and activist.


charcoal and graphite drawing


charcoal and graphite




beautiful night


girly innosence


be my valentine


Used 2,4,6,8,10b,hb pencil and graphite powder…..


Used 2,4,6,8b and hb pencil on A3 paper…


Used 2,4,6b and hb pencil on cartridge paper….

rain and window

charcoal powder and pencil on paper

Silent brook

Oil on canvas

man with turban

Used 2,4,6,8b and hb pencil on A3 paper…. Its an commission work …..


Used 2,4,6,8b and hb pencil on A4 paper…..


girly innosence


Portrait of an old man, with 2,4,6,8b and hb pencil..


Photographed by a digital camera

The cat

Photographed by a digital camera

The peacock

Photographed by a mobile.


Portrait of ShriShri Ravi Shankar Ji. Watercolour on handmade paper.

Girl with rose

Watercolor on handmade paper


This painting is oil on canvas

The Bride

This painting is in oil on canvas.

On the Godavari, Nasik

Bank of Godavari, Nasik is a magnificent exhibit of vintage India….

blue eyes

this is acrylic on canvas.a tiger was very famous in bandhavgarh national park name of ” blue eyes”.u can fill detail of hair in this painting,its is 3×5 feet size

The Macaw

In this painting the Macaw is spreading colours through its wings in order to bring peace, harmony and happiness in people’s life.

The Aqua Girl

This is an abstract painting of a girl who is down under the water. This is a water colour painting and its title is “The Aqua Girl”. Thank you ARINDAM.

Chinese fishing nets

Chinese nets at Fort kochi beach,

Chinese nets

Fort kochi beach chinese nets

My Coffee

Water colour on paper

The Reflection

The future ,if we don’t stop .

The Dream

Its about a child who lost his mother trying to draw her into his life again

Creator and Creation

Its The creator who creates fine creations

The journey

This painting shows the way one should live our lives .Exploring everything with music in our life with fear.

Sketch Gurdas maan (Punjabi Singer)by DEEP WALIA

Gurdass maan sketch by Deep walia

Kuldeep Manak (punjabi singer)

Kuldip manak kaleyan de badshah is a punjabi singer

Autumn Bliss

“Life start all over again, when it gets crisp in the fall.” Acrylic on Canvas Size-18″*24″


There is no path to happiness…. Happiness is the path.” ” Budhha” Acrylic on canvas Size- 16″*20″

Unconditional Love

“There is nothing as powerful as a mother’s love & nothing as healing as a child’s soul.” “Unconditional love” Acrylic on canvas sheet Size-18″*24″

Misty Morning

“Sometimes. We need the mist to remind ourselves that all of life is not black and white.” Acrylic on Canvas Size – 18″*20″


Bnjara…. Away from this materialistic world… Just going from one place to another seeking their survival. Acrylic on canvas Size- 20.5″*24″

”Modern City”

Modern city Size-A4 Color-Photoink color


Peacock Size-A4 Black pen work


Fish Black pen work Size-6” by 2”

”Modern Beauty”

Colorful pen work and poster color work Size-8” by 4”

The mist

Acrylic on canvas

Busy city

Watercolour on paper

Winter mood

Water colour on paper

Mid day

Watercolour on paper

Reflection of Life

Watercolour on paper


Water colour on paper


UN TITLE, MY Work is a curving paper


family, my work as a curving paper

Lord shiva

Water color

the Artist’s wepoan

fully with artists tools … which is forever with him…

3d Angry Birds

The Angry birds with color pencils… by inspire from fb / insta..

Rainbow eye

‘Rainbow eye’ with pencil color ….. the specially artflaunt’s “The Rainbow contest”..

The Colorful Nature

the colorfull nature with Oil color on camvas

3D aquarium

3D aquarium with acraylic on 6×4 fit canvas by me


Farmhouse – Computer painting using PAINT option in PC. Took about 5 hours. Detailing was difficult. Those were the days PSD Photoshop was not very popular yet. Hadnt heard of

Beard and smile

Beard and smile is sometime the most awesome combination a man can create for myself .

Mandala wonder

I recently learnt about the wonder world of drawing and colouring – Mandala. Size: A4 size on cartridge paper. Gel pen colours. Done in 3 hours. Enjoyed the colours as

Yashodha Krishna

Yashodha Krishna acrylic on MDF board. Embellished with craft stones, sequins and glitter paints. Enjoyed doing this every bit. I loved the facial expression I was able to bring out


Beauty is not alway what you see; sometimes its what you feel inside when you look at that thing.


Ganesha – Gel pen on cartridge paper. Size: A4 Ganesha – the all pervasive, ever prevalent. Exciting colourful and cheerful mood.

The Fiery beauty of Fall

Colours of the Fall season in a landscape painting. Oil painting on canvas. Size: 24″ x 30″ The ravishing rainbow of colours of Fall always fascinated me.


Its the beauty of the eyes that talk mostly about your emotions.

black n white


tentacles #1

doodle + mandala

General Relativity

Einstein’s Portrait; Collage.

Miles to go….

Oil on canvas Size- 28×20 inch

The bangle seller

Water colour on handmade paper Size – 28×20 inch

The bagger family

Oil painting on canvas Size – 20 ×21 inch

Siblings playing with bubble soap

Oil on canvas Size-30×22 inch

Luminair from eternity

Oil painting on canvas Size- 30×20 inch


Oil on canvas, ’16 x 19 inches’


Oil on canvas, ’13 x 13 inches’


Oil on canvas, ’13 x 13 inches’

Still Life

Oil on canvas, ’12 x 16 inches’

missile man of india- Dr,Kalam

the sketch is done with the help of water color and black sketch pen on 180 gsm paper


harshali malhotra

1oooo b.c.

lady at the age of pyramids


This is an intriguing and captivating oil on canvas ; an abstract portrayal of feminity or the female form !

God is great

Art – paper carving art Paper- imported white 200 gsm Size-13×19 Hand made

Live with nature2

Art – paper carving art Paper- imported white 200 gsm Size-13×19 Hand made

Live with nature

Art – paper carving art Paper- imported white 200 gsm Size-13×19 Hand made


Art – paper carving art Paper- imported white 200 gsm Size-13×19 Hand made


Art – paper carving art Paper- imported white 200 gsm Size-13×19 Hand made

aamir khan in dnagal

mr perfectionist , brilliant actor of Bollywood in present times

Justin Trudeau prime minister of canada

Justin Trudeau prime minister of Canada, such a kind human being

virat kohli

virat kohli best batsmen of current time

titanic last emotional scene sketch

one of the most epic movies of all times the titanic


water colour

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe. Pencil on extra smooth bristol board.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry. Pencil on extra smooth bristol board.


An acrylic/canvas painting,measure 135*135 cm, from my serie Riding Souls.


An acrylic/canvas painting, measure 120*150 cm, from my serie Riding Souls.


An acrylic/canvas painting, measure 150*200 cm,from my serie Riding Souls,


An acrylic/canvas painting, measure 120*150cm from my serie, Riding Souls.


An oil/canvas painting, measure 135*150cm, from my serie Riding Souls. 2014


Lord Vigneshwara the Almighty of success. Acrylic painting on paper. Art type- Dot art

massai mother

massai african mother feeding her baby

i m black but comely

an african model in a jungle,with bold costumes and curious expression

My Village People

Acrylic on Paper 19 x 30 inch

My Village People

Acrylic on Paper 19 x 30 inch

My Village People

Acrylic on Paper 19 x 30 inch

My Village People

Acrylic on Paper 19 x 30 inch


Ink rendering (stippling drawing ) on Ivory paper.


Ink rendering on Ivory paper. Stippling drawing


Acrylic painting on canvas.

Girl from bhuj ( kutch )

Watercolor portrait painting on handmade paper

Old man from Pushkar

Watercolor portrait painting on handmade paper.

DAWN– a dream of innocence

Graphite and charcoal on A1 paper

SOMEWHERE ELSE– a story of unemployment

Graphite and charcoal on A1 paper

Indian village women

Black ball pen work on A3 paper

Two face in one pic

Normal pencil work

Only u can

Colour pencils work on A3 paper

Colourful fish inside water bubbles

Used: colour pencils work on A3 paper


Pencil Drawing

Bhatatnatyam Dancer

Bharatnatyam Dancer … Zentangle Art Acrylic Drawing Paper Acrylic Colours Micro tip pens

Zentangle Buddha

BUDDHA—-Peace Zentangle Art work A–3size drawing paper Micro tip pens


Durga Pens and inka 19.5 X 25.5


Glass painting on a coffee table Use paint markers and ink

Radha Krishna

19.5 X 25.5″ Pens and Ink

Shiva – The destroyer

Shiva Done with sharpie pens 19.5 ” X 25.5 “


Svadisthana – Yoga

pose with elegance

black african model showing her beauty with elegance..


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A soft pastel painting of my favorite band Coldplay



Narendra Modi

On a 200gsm smooth paper Using polychromus Colorpencil

Deepika Padukone

On a 200 gsm paper Using polychromus Colorpencil

Virat kohli

On a 200gsm paper. Using polychromus Colorpencil


Acrylic on canvas 24×18 inch


Acrylic painting on watercolor paper 8″x10″.


Painting “Tulips”, acrylic on watercolor paper 11″x14″.

Iris flower

Oil painting on canvas 17,5 x 23,5 cm


soft pastel drawing


Water Color Painting

Verity Man

Water Color Painting

Swami Vivekananda

Pencil Drawing

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj 6B pencil use on paper 32x24cm…

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin (Portrait) 6B Pencil use on Paper 34X26cm.

Feeling Love ( twilight )

Charcole Pencil use on Paper 32x20cm..

The Indian soldier

6B pencil use on paper size: 34X24cm.

a beauty girl

Charcoel pencil use on paper 24X24cm.

Way to peace

With light and minimum strokes of colours Depicting the beauty of Monk’s group praying for the peace Acrylic on canvas 24 by 28 inch

Classical dance group beauty

Depicting the beauty of classical dance group in dark with light effect Acrylic on black canvas 24 by 39 inch

BUDDHA -eluminated soul

Poster colour painting of a sculpture of Buddha on paper.


Ballpoint pen sketch of Eagle on paper.

the Romance

Acrylic painting of the Romance of Radha-Krishna and gopis on canvas board.

The Wise Owl

Ball point pen drawing of owl on paper.

MJ -oil pastels portrait

Colourful Oil pastel Portrait of the KING OF POP on paper.

Goddes Saraswati

Pencil drawing

please save me-7

you have to follow the secrets of the … If you’d like to save notes with your ideas, you’ll need to use the technique …. One is not giving enough

Selena Gomez Anime Sketch

Paper Size – A3 Size Portrait. Name – Cartoon Style Selena Gomez Sketch. Medium – StaedtliersWater Colour Pencil Sketch. Sketching Hours – 4 Hours


My painting one of my best work LOVE publish in Inspiro India Magazine On Page 48 Name Of Magazine : INSPIOR INDIA Download Full Magazine Love


Many disciplines of drawing, painting abstracting is my favorite subject. Because I am able to express my feelings independently without any restriction the images. In this matter, I have no

Caged bird

Waiting to see outer world



The Kingfisher

This is a vibrant and vivid original oil painting of a colorful kingfisher seizing it’s catch underwater ! The detailing of this artwork brings out the natural environment I’ve attempted

Goddess of knowledge and art

Painting is created with basic shapes and Iines.

Its Raining for “The Rainbow”

Bow taking shower under natures shower


Medium: Pencil/Graphite Size: 11 x 17 inches Date: 2015


Size: 11″ x 14″ Medium: Pencil Date: 2015

Tuesday Afternoons

Size: 9″ x 13″ Medium: Acrylic Date: 2015 Substrate: Watercolor Board

The New Dress

Size: 16.5″ x 13″ Medium: Pencil Date: 2016 Substrate: Cold-press illustration board.

Delta King

Size: 13″ x 13″ Medium: Pencil Date: 2015 Substrate: Watercolor Board


pen work free hand

malayalam acter mammu koya

water colour pencil work

shobhana malayalam acter

colour pencil work

Miss beautiful

Watercolor on handmade paper. Tried capturing the eternal beauty in colors