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A one stop zone for all information for seller artists

Artflaunt is a one stop zone for artists and art lovers. We bring together artists from across the world here on our platform to share, promote as well as sell their artworks. With an intention to promote, help and grow the artists community, our online store aims at serving them to the best with the best online selling solution. Artflaunt strives to provide best of the services to our artists, and for the same, we provide a wide range of services, so that our artists can leave their selling worries to us and concentrate on one core thing – their artworks.
We privilege our member artists to use our platform without any registration or onboarding charges. They can upload as much of their artworks as they like along with prices.
We keep on providing custom orders to our artists as per their skillsets (for example, recreation of a sold painting on demand, commission work for customers and so on), which acts as an added revenue stream.
We continuously promote our artists and their artworks over internal with our state of the art digital marketing campaigns, as well as promote the same over social media platforms. This helps artists to grow their social and online presence, and hence, boost their revenue with flowing orders.
We provide coupons to our artists which they can share with their customers, friends and near and dear ones which can be used to avail discounts while artworks on the website. We also circulate coupons to other customers as a token of gift from our side for buying with us.

Steps involved in selling your artworks


Refer to this column for an answer to most of your queries


Artists can register with us, upload their art with price, and sell on our website.  If you are a new artist to you can register on this link.

Registering with artflaunt is a quick and simple. Click here . Fill up a simple form with your basic details. Once you’ve submitted a registration request, login to your account here and start uploading your artwork form your account. The upload guide is available on the upload page.

We do allow artists from outside India to register and sell their artworks. However, we do need you to have an Indian bank account, as we currently do not remit payment in any other currencies and overseas bank account as of now.

Yes, we do not restrict artists to sell exclusively on our platform, and artists are free to sell their artworks anywhere. However, we request artists to inform us immediately in case they sell the artwork anywhere else to enable us delist the artwork immediately from our website and avoid accidental orders by any customers. If you will not be able to service the order received on artflaunt because of you have sold the artwork elsewhere, this will question the credibility of the artist, and ultimately, ours.
We take such instances seriously and our team may decide delisting an artist from artflaunt in case of repeated instances.

Kindly write to us at connect@artflaunt.com for any query or information. We would be happy to help.


No, we do not charge and registration fee. The Display of Painting and promotional activities are all free services provided by us for benefit of artists.

The Prices you want to receive are decided by you.  We only add our 30% commission to the prices decided by you. This includes our fee, courier charges from our location to customer location, packing charges, taxes applicable, octroi if applicable, entry tax if applicable, and payment gateway charges. You need to upload the price you want to receive, we add our component on top of it.

For Digital Prints, we determine the price and retain 60% commission on the listed, and pay 40% of the listed price to the artists. Digital printing is a costly affair. We maintain quality of our digital prints. Our 60% commission includes the cost of canvas paper, printing, framing if needed, packing, shipping to customer location, taxes applicable, octroi if applicable and payment gateway charges.

Since we do not restrict you to sell your artwork outside artflaunt, we request you to keep your prices consistent.

A payment is credited to the bank account of the artist within 7 working days of delivery of the artwork to the customer.

An artflaunt coupon is a promotional tool in the form of a code which are circulated by our team over email, social media, print media or any other medium, that can be redeemed for a discount when purchasing artworks from artflaunt.com.

Yes, Artflaunt coupons do bear a validity date/period. These are specific to the coupon, and the dates are mentioned over the coupon texts or circulated text contents along with the coupons.

Yes, you can request artflaunt sales team to get discount coupons as required, which can be circulated by you to your customers, friends, colleagues or anyone you like.

You can go to Edit Profile section and update your bank account details.


You will get an email as well as an SMS when you get an order for your artworks. Our team also tries to make calls to artists when an order is received for their artworks on a best effort basis.

You need to ready your artwork for packing along with the authenticity certificate. The authenticity certificate need to be printed, signed and packed along with the artwork. See the packaging section for guidelines on packing your artwork.

A Certificate of Authenticity is a signed document by the artist which proves the authenticity of the artwork. It also includes the details about the artwork. The details include-

  1. Name of the artwork
  2. Dimensions of the artwork
  3. Surface and medium used
  4. The year it is created by the artist
  5. The date of purchase from artflaunt.com
  6. Artist’s signatures

 The authenticity certificate should be kept in an envelope inside the packaging to prevent spoiling.

Though, there is no provision by law to provide an authenticity certificate, providing an authenticity certificate ensures an artist about the genuineness of the artwork and proves that he has received the original artwork. This creates trust of the buyers to the artist as well as our platform.

Yes, we do sell digital prints on artflaunt.com. Any artist who wish to sell digital prints of their artworks can opt their artworks for being sold as digital prints while uploading their artworks.
Kindly note that in case you opt for selling Digital Prints of an artwork, you would need to send us multiple High Resolution images of your artwork. These images are examined to be fit for digital printouts by our team. We will not list your products in the digital print section until you send us the high resolution images.

We take high quality digital prints of your artwork, frame them if ordered, pack them and dispatch to the customer.

Yes, we do have a limited edition section on the portal for your artworks. In case you want an artwork to be listed in limited edition, you should opt the artwork as “LIMITED EDITION”. Since you need to reproduce the original artwork for a limited edition, kindly mention the number of editions you wish to sell as limited edition while uploading your artwork.

In all the cases, you as an artist retail the copyright of your original artwork as well as your artwork printed digitally. Artflaunt does not prints any of your artworks on its own, other than those which are opted by you for Digital Print selling.


The transit safety of your artwork depends on the quality of packaging material and the way it is packed.
You should use the below materials (depending on the size, weight and volume of the artwork ):

  1. Bubble Wrap to wrap the rolled painting as well as the final outer shell.
  2. Butter paper, to cover the immediate front of the painting/artwork.
  3. Tube : A light weight PVC tube or a hard cardboard tube to insert the rolled and bubble wrapped artwork.
  4. Good quality Sellotape: Apply a good quality cellotape on the corners and top of bubblewrapped roll. In addition, fully cover the bubble wrapped tube alongslide the corners with the cellotape.
  5. A wooden crate and foam board, to pack a framed artwork.

No, you MUST not use written papers, newspapers or any other colored papers to pack your artworks, as these are prone to moisture and can spoil the painting.

Unless otherwise stated in the order, you should only pack and send the artwork in a roll to artflaunt.
In case your artwork is already framed and cannot be removed, you can courier it as it is properly packed in a crate/protective covering.

You should always use reputed and reliable couriers to dispatch the artworks to us.

The packaging and courier charges from your place to artflaunt location are borne by you.
The packaging and courier charges from Artflaunt location to customer location are borne by us.