Carp Painting By Kimi Ut

Carp painting Drawing: chili sauce By Kimi Ut

Graphite Pencils Portrait of My Wife

Graphite Pencils Portrait of My Wife in Traditional Kashmiri Dress


My Water Colors on Paper Painting of ST TERESA OF AVILA

Fortune Teller

Parrot narrating the fortune of sisters

Dreamgirl 1

I have a great love on mermaid. So i imagine them as my belaved,Dreamgirl.

Dreamgirl with Krsn

I have a great fasination on I imagine her as my Dreamgirl.This painting describes the image of a mermaid and Lord Ksrn.


Kaliadaman is one of the balyoleelas of Lord Krshn.In his childhood,Lord Krshn defeted the dengerous snake demon,Kaia.This painting describes the story of BHAGABOT PURANA.