Dreamgirl 1

I have a great love on mermaid. So i imagine them as my belaved,Dreamgirl.

Dreamgirl with Krsn

I have a great fasination on mermaid..so I imagine her as my Dreamgirl.This painting describes the image of a mermaid and Lord Ksrn.


Kaliadaman is one of the balyoleelas of Lord Krshn.In his childhood,Lord Krshn defeted the dengerous snake demon,Kaia.This painting describes the story of BHAGABOT PURANA.

Tantick Deity

This painting describes the goddess of death and life.Shiv andShakti are the ultimate supreme power of the univerce.

Kunjaban 2

Radha and Krsn ina romantic mood with a pair of peacocks at Kunjaban.


Lord Krsn and his belaved Sree Radhikain a romantic mood at their meeting place Kunjaban . Krsn offers Radha the lotus flower,to express his love to her.


This painting describes the holy picture of LORD JAGANNATH<LORD BALAVADRA and SUVADRA.This work is influenced by orisha patachitra.


This painting describes the great hindu god LORD GANESHA.The aspisious symbles like OHM,SHREE SWASTIK etc.are on the background of the god.

Royal Elephant

This painting is a traditional indian decorative elephant painting.This work is influenced by the miniature painting of India.